unlimited space

Unlimited space

You may store as many images as you want. How is this viable for us? We store your images in the cloud. When we reach low on space we can enlarge our cloud space quickly and easily. This ensures that we can offer you unlimited space.

unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited bandwidth

We don't track how many times an image is viewed. We don't track the usage of an image, the so called bandwidth usage. Our offer is simple: unlimited bandwidth for all images and all users.

How can we offer unlimited bandwidth? We use a worldwide content distrubution network (CDN). Your images are distributed to servers worldwide and so the bandwidth is spread across multiple datacenters. Meaning we can handle a huge load, high enough to offer you unlimited bandwidth.

In conclusion, we offer the following advantages:

  • We can handle high peaks in data traffic volume
  • We do not delete popular images or accounts
  • We don't track or block sites generating too much traffic
  • Our content delivery data centers are closer to you and your audience which results in an increased loading speed

As content delivery network we have chosen to work with Cloudflare®. On the following page you can see their network map and a link to their network status.

unlimited megapixels

Unlimited megapixels

Unlike other image sites we store your original images. We don't shrink them down in quality, we don't shrink them down in dimensions, and we don't have separate paid plans for storing full quality images.

We offer:

  • Unlimited megapixels (successfully tested up to 466 megapixels)
  • Unlimited dimensions (successfully tested up to 21600 x 21600)
  • File size up to 99MB