When you browse to our website to manage your account, upload photos, or to view images, you are using a secured form of transferring data between you and our server. You can notice this by the S in HTTPS and your browser will display a lock icon next to the web address.


Private storage

If you want to store your photos privately this is no problem. We offer a fully fledged privacy system that ensures your privacy.


Encrypted passwords

The password you chose when creating your account was encrypted when it was saved in our database. This makes it impossible for us to find out what it is, or if we should have the bad luck of having our database hacked, the hacker won't be able to read your password as well.


Web attacks are blocked

We use state of the art security software to block attacks on our website. Here are some of the features our security consists of:
  • Browser integrity check
  • Visitor reputation check
  • Automatic learning of new attacks

Automatic off-site backups

We backup your account and images securely and regularly. In case of a system failure accompanied by data corruption or loss, we're covered.


10 years experience

We started out way back in March 2005 and we're still around. We've learned a lot about image hosting and we're using that knowledge to bring you our great service.