Public and private sharing

Public sharing

You can choose to make your photos public. This makes it possible for anyone that has the web address of your photos to view them. However, this is not all. In addition, public photos are promoted automatically in two ways:

  • Public images are shown on your public portfolio page
  • All the pages the public images are shown on, such as the portfolio page but more importantly the image page, are automatically reported to Google"s search engine. This ensures great visibility for your image.

Private sharing

You can also choose to make your photos hidden. Your photos can be viewed by anyone who has the web address to your photos, just like a public photo. However, there are two major differences with public photos:

  • Hidden images are not shown on your portfolio page
  • Hidden images are not reported to any search engines

View images without account

Social network sites can be used to share pictures, but what if your recepient doesn't have an account at the same social network? What if you have multiple recepients where only some have an account at the same social network site, or worse, you don't know if they do? This is where Picblaze solves your problem: images can be viewed without having to have an account.


Hot linking allowed

We allow you to hotlink directly to images hosted here. This means you can embed pictures you uploaded here directly into your website or blog.


Secure image hosting

The connection to our site is secured with TLS. This means you can safely embed images stored on Picblaze on HTTPS sites without having the unsafe content warning popping up.