Picblaze Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists common questions and answers about the Picblaze service.

Picblaze Features

What is Picblaze?
Picblaze is an image hosting service. We designed it for you so you can share digital pictures with friends, post images on forums and blogs. You may hotlink or embed images on your personal website as well.

What image formats are supported?
Picblaze supports traditional web image formats, as well as more advanced image formats, and even flash. This includes images uploaded in jpeg, jpg, gif, png, tiff, swf and bmp format.

What is the maximum file size I can upload to your server?
Images of up to 50MB can be uploaded.

How many images can I upload?
You may upload as many images as you wish.

Can I hotlink to my images?
Yes, you may hot-link to your images. We offer many different ways to link to your images, such as (X)HTML code and BBCODE compatible with forums.

Will my images, albums, or account ever be deleted?
We do not delete images, albums, or accounts; we have plenty of hard drive capacity to accommodate your needs.

Are there any types of image that are not allowed on Picblaze?
Yes. Any images that contravene our terms and conditions may not be uploaded to your account, for example images of adult nature. We reserve the right to delete without any notice any images which we believe violate our terms and conditions, and to suspend or terminate the accounts of any members who upload images that violate our terms.


Will other people be able to see my portfolio?
By default your portfolio is public. On your settings page you can make your portfolio private. A private portfolio can only be viewed by you after you log into your account.

Will other people be able to see my images and albums?
By default your albums inherit the privacy setting you have chosen for your account, this setting is defaulted to public.
You can change the privacy setting of each album individually to force the album to be public, regardless of your account setting.
You can also set your album to hidden. When hidden the images inside the album are public, but they are not listed on your portfolio page. This is great if you want to share images privately.
You can also make your images private. When private your image pages will return a custom not found error and your images a standard 404 not found error. In private mode your album is completely private. To protect your privacy it is however important that you share your photos always with the provided share code. See why here.


How do I sign up for an account?
You can sign up for a free account on the sign up page. You need to choose a username and password that you will use to upload images to your account. We also require you to enter a valid email address when you join. We send a confirmation email to this address with instructions on how to activate your account.

Can I sign up for more than 1 account?
Free accounts are limited to 1 (one) per individual. If we catch anyone abusing this limit, we may delete all their accounts and images without any notice.

How do I access my account?
Once you have signed up and confirmed your account, you can login to it on the login page. Whilst logged in to your account you can upload images, browse the images you have already uploaded, get the urls required to view or link to the images, and delete any of your images.

Help! I've forgotten my username or password.
If you forget your login details for your Picblaze account we can send a reminder to the email address you registered with us when you created your account. Just follow the instructions on the password reminder page.

Help! I still haven't received my confirmation email yet.
If you haven't received your confirmation email 10 minutes after you submitted the registration form, we advise you to use our password reminder service to resend it. The password reminder service will send you the confirmation link again. Just follow the instructions on the password reminder page.