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This weekend we updated the upload part of Picblaze.

We removed the old flash uploader and replaced it with a HTML5 uploader.
We are following the tech industry by ditching flash and switching to HTML5.

The following advantages come with this new uploader:

  • Only a browser is required, flash is not required anymore
  • Drag and drop uploading is now possible
  • A total progress bar is now shown
  • The remaining time left is calculated every 3% in minutes or seconds
  • You can use a mobile browser like for example Firefox on Android to upload images

With the introduction of this new uploader, we decided to remove the limit of 5 images at a time for free account holders. However, as compensation to Pro account users, Pro account holders can now upload up to 10 images simultaneously while free accounts have only 1 simultaneous upload.

Enjoy the new uploader!

More updates are coming to Picblaze very soon! So stay tuned.

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The update we’ve just released includes the following enhancements:

  • The site heading is now also shown on your public pages (album page, single image page, portfolio page). So now you can easily browse back to your manage page.
  • The user heading that used to continue lots of info like when you joined and when you were last seen has been reduced to a two-lines-high “light” bar. In addition, the avatar is now shown in a smaller size to fit in the new bar.
  • Various small bug fixes and changes

We have also news on our content distribution network front:

Our CDN now operates as well from a data center in Berlin, Germany. This increases our capacity in middle Europe.

More, bigger changes coming soon!

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We’ve released an update for the single image page.

From now on the original image is shown and resized according to your screen size.
Before, we showed an 800×600 large resized version of your image if it was larger than 800×600 pixels.

You can view the effect by resizing your browser. Here’s a test image:

A large update is coming soon. Stay tuned!


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