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We’ve released a new update that adds sort options to the manage page and album page.

Manage page: On your manage page you’ll now find two new buttons labeled Sort. The top button opens sort options for your albums. The bottom button opens sort options for your images.

You can sort ascending or descending:

  • alphabetically
  • by last uploaded date
  • by photo taken date


Album page: On the album page you now have the option to sort your images. The same number of options are available as on your manage page.


Image page: As an extra, the EXIF embedded data in your photos is now extracted on upload and shown on the image page. This is the info like camera brand, model, exposure time, aperture F-number, ISO speed rating and many more.


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We’ve released a number of updates here’s an overview:

Share codes
We’ve updated the existing share codes, and added five new share codes. The HTML and forum share code shown in the edit image dialog now embeds the full image instead of the thumbnail. On the image page you can now, depending on the image type, find up to five new share codes.

The share codes are HTML and forum BB code large and small thumbnail embed codes. An entirely new share code is the hotlink code; to allow for easy hotlinking from for example CSS files.

More info on share codes can be found on the share code page.

Album thumbnail links
We’ve changed how the thumbnails behave when viewing an album page. In the past the carousel slider was launched when you clicked on a thumbnail. We’ve changed this to open the image page.

Album introduction text
We’ve added a new field in the add album and edit album dialog to allow you to add and edit an album description. The album description is shown on the album page under the album title.

We hope you enjoy these updates, remember you can always suggest and vote for changes on our picblaze feedback mini site.

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This weekend we installed and migrated all existing users over to our new privacy system.

At the end of last year we introduced a new privacy system that allows users to make their albums public, hidden and private. That system has now received a second update that perfects the system.

Before, making your images private after you’ve hotlinked to you pictures already didn’t affect the visibility of your images. Basically, once they were out there, they were out there for good. Unless you deleted or renamed them.

Now, we’ve upgraded the system that makes your images truly private when you choose to make your album private. The images you’ve hotlinked to are deleted from our content distribution network (CDN); accessing them results in a standard web 404 not found error.

We designed the system so that it makes your private images available to you when you’re logged in, but unavailable for visitors. To do this, we split the image source url in two: a private url and a public url. Basically, in order for the privacy system to work you should only share the public url. You can find the public url in the share code input boxes on the image page or on your manage page image edit popup. While you, while logged in, always view the private url.

In case you accidentally share your private url, or you think your private url is somehow compromised, we designed the option to regenerate your private url. You can find the option on your settings page.

So to sum up this post: private albums can are now fully private.

Enjoy this new update, more are already under way!

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