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We’ve added a new user info box on all pages.

The user info box can show two things:

  • Your user information: when you are viewing your own photos, or managing your own account
  • Information on another user: when you are viewing photos or albums by other users

The info box shows generic things such as your username, how many photos you’ve uploaded and how many albums you’ve created.

Any extra info you’ve added on your account edit page and approved for public is also shown, for example your interests and your country.

With this new user info box in place, we decided to remove the old profile info column that used to be shown on the left hand side of some pages. The info box respects your privacy settings, if you make your profile private, the box will not shown to others.

We also made various other, smaller changes in our site layout to improve user-friendliness.

We hope you like it, let us know how we can further improve the site.

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