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Hi IMGboot users

There have been some minor changes in the recent weeks, here’s a quick overview:

  • Installed new comment system by Disqus:
    We felt our old provider wasn’t keeping the system up to date, and on top of that they were increasing fees. We feel the new system by Disqus is more practical and easier to use, but what do you think?
  • The feedback system (small button on the left side of each page) has been disabled due to lack of use. Instead we would like to promote our blog to generate feedback. If you have a suggestion, or is something bothering you? Just let us know via the comments, or via our contact form.
  • Our blog should be more than just news, so we’ve moved it from to
  • We’ve been continually updating the site layout / design: we gathered from comments that you prefer a lighter, cleaner site. To this end we’ve been making minor changes here and there. We’re still open to suggestions, just post a comment below


We welcome feedback, just post a comment below!

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