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As of today we are running an image comments trial.

On the pages displaying your images to visitors you will see a new comments section that allows you to post a message. Anyone, including you can post a comment on an image, and also reply to comments from others. We realize that your friends might not have an IMGboot account, that is why we have chosen for a different approach: the comments section works with accounts from social networking sites.

If you have an account at any of these sites, you can use it to post comments: Facebook, Google, Twitter, FriendFeed, Yahoo!, Blogger, OpenID.

You can also simultaneously share your comments on most of those services if they support this as well. There is an option to stay subscribed to comments using RSS or receive notification by email. So you can engage with people viewing your images.

This new feature is currently on trial, we will evaluate how it goes and decide whether to make this a permanent feature or not.

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