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Nov has been upgraded with two new exciting features: a Remember Me login feature and a new Advanced Upload Form.

Remember Me
One of the major annoyances (now of the past) was that every time you left the site and came back you had to log in again. Now, you can stay logged in, even after you surf to another site or close your browser. Next time you log in, make sure Remember me is selected.

New Advanced Upload Form
Uploading new images should be a breeze from now on; the new upload form is easier to use, faster in use, and offers a set of advanced features. Here are a few highlights:

You can now queue images before starting to upload. Naturally, you can delete images in the queue, you can even cancel uploads while they are still being uploaded!

You are now able to track your upload progress in detail: There is a progress bar for every image you are currently uploading, as well as a global progress bar for all images together. Better yet: While you’re uploading, your current upload speed is measured and used to show you how long it will take before everything is uploaded.

Hope you like these new features, much work went into creating them!

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