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A new feature has been added to IMGboot which allows all members to add a title and description to each and every image they upload.

Both the title and description are completely optional. When sharing the image with friends the title and description will now be shown next to the image. This is also the case when viewing images in a gallery.

Saving the title and description is done AJAX style so no need to wait for the page to reload.


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Jul, the unique image hosting service which offers unlimited image hosting, has been upgraded with three new features.

Holders of a PREMIUM account holders can now upload a whole batch of images at once. The system now recognizes ZIP and RAR files and is able to extract any images it finds in the archive.

Images uploaded in a ZIP or RAR file are added to the rest of your images, thumbnails and link codes are generated as with a normal image uploads.

PREMIUM account holders can upload multiple images at once and thus they can now also upload multiple archives at once.

The second new feature added, is the possibility to create a new gallery on the upload page. When uploading new images you can immediately create a new gallery to put them in, this saves you a lot of work afterwards.

The last new feature added is an IMGboot News page which will keep you up to date with the latest changes. The news articles link back to this forum where you can discuss the news.

A few minor bugs were also fixed.

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