We’ve added a new feature to the list of PRO features: the list layout view.

Here’s a snippet:

Picblaze list view

This was a requested feature during the last survey we sent out. The user who first requested this is receiving a free 30 day upgrade to a PRO account. Congratulations!

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We’ve released a new update that adds robustness to our core application and improve your privacy.

The following sections are affected:

  • editing albums
  • changing privacy
  • deleting albums

Please take into account the notes next to these features. The main consequence for you is that if an album contains images the mentioned action are no longer possible. This means these type of changes need to be done before adding images. Not only the robustness of our app is improved, this also improves your privacy.

If you have specific questions, please use the contact form to contact us.

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We’ve just released an update that makes the website mobile and tablet aware.
In the industry this is called making your website responsive.

For those interested we chose to use the open-source Bootstrap framework from twitter.

Enjoy this update!

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We’ve introduced a change to the account benefits.

Here are the changes for FREE accounts:

  • Uploads are capped at 25 per week
  • The first 15 days uploads after registering there is no upload cap

To compensate professional usage is now allowed for FREE accounts and we’ve drastically lowered the price of a PRO account!

A monthly subscription used to cost $9.95 and now costs $3.13. That’s less than a third!
If you choose for a yearly subscription the price per month is now as low as $2.08!

Upgrade today!

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We’ve released our new albums and pictures management update!

Since last year we’ve been working on redesigning the management part of Picblaze.

The old manage page is now split up in two pages:

Albums page

  • Shows all albums
  • Shows album edit controls per album
  • You can search for an album now
  • You can sort your album list based on various criteria
Picblaze albums page

Example of new albums page

Images page

  • Shows all images inside your album
  • Loads more pictures as you scroll down
  • To share an album with others use the share buttons or just copy & paste the web address from your browser
  • Picblaze detects if you’re the owner and shows you the edit controls and enables them or doesn’t
  • As owner of the album you can turn the edit controls on or off allowing you to view the album like your visitors would
  • Improvements to the uploader and we still support drag & drop uploading
  • Still multiple layout and nice representation options
Picblaze images page

Example of new images page

Live example

View a live example here: Picblaze example album

This is just the beginning of the updates. We’ll shortly begin working on adding extra management features.

Stay tuned!

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