Great backup system


No expiration system

Your images don't need to be viewed to stay on Picblaze. There is no 30 day view requirement or any other view requirement.


Private storage

All albums carry a privacy setting that can turn all the images inside an album private. Private really means private. No one without you can view private images. To make this happen we use our own developed privacy system that uses unique identifiers. How this works is explained below.

All images have a private url and a public url. (Url being a web address.) Both urls have a unique identifier in them. For public urls this is the username you chose when you signed up. For private urls this is a randomly generated key code.

The public url is used to share your images. This url will be disabled for all images when you make your album private. The private url is only shown to you when you log into your account, so no one else can know this url.

In case you accidentally share your private url, we offer the option to reset your private url key code. This causes all your private urls to stop functioning and shows you, in your account, new private urls.

private storage diagram

External backups to off-site location

We take regular backups in case our servers should crash and the data we store becomes corrupt. In such a case we will need to restore the site and your images from a backup. Backups are stored in an off-site location. For this we use the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).