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Picblaze account

Privacy sensitive hosting

Multiple privacy options exist to offer you the comfort you need.


Unlimited photo backup

Picblaze is perfect for keeping a backup of all your photos.

Unlimited bandwidth

We offer unlimited bandwidth for free. Share your images without worrying about restrictions on how many times your images are viewed or downloaded.

We do not block sites that generate too many requests for photos, and we do not delete photos that are too popular. We offer unlimited image views.

Web albums

All your photos are assigned to an album. This is an easy and intuitive way of grouping your pictures and allows you to share multiple images in one go.

Albums have three views. The default view is the the overview view which shows thumbnails of the uploaded images. There is also a carousel mode and a slideshow mode.

You can also create an unlimited number of albums.

Public portfolio

Add a recognizable face to your online presence. Each account comes with a public portfolio that groups all your albums and images. You can also pick and pin your favorite pictures at the top.

Personalize your portal with info such as your age, an intro text or an avatar.

Unlimited space

Each account comes with unlimited storage space for free. Upload as many images as you would like, there's no limit on the number of images you can upload. So there's no need to ever delete old photos.

Also, we don't have an expiration system where your images expire if not viewed. Experience unlimited cloud image hosting.

Fancy image pages

Your image pages offer a wealth of extra info and functionality. Visitors can leave comments. There is easy access to bookmark links, you can download the image in all available sizes and read some image information.

Web image formats & flash file hosting

You can upload all web image formats, that is jpeg, jpg, png, gif and bmp. For professional account users we also allow the less popular image format tiff and we offer swf flash file hosting.

No ads

Our site is completely free of advertisement. Enjoy your images without distraction.

No branding

We respect your images, we don't brand them with our name. You keep your original images completely intact.

Keep your originals

We don't shrink down the images you upload, you retain full control over your originals.

Pro features
ZIP/RAR uploads

Pro account users can upload zip and rar archives containing images.

Personal & Professional

A pro account can also be used for your professional business.

Password protected albums

Pro users can lock their albums with a password.

Flash & tiff image types

Flash and tiff image types can also be uploaded as an extra to pro account users.

Rename & resize

After uploading your images, you can rename and resize your images.

Examples of your future public pages

Here is an example account showing you what the public side of your future account looks like.

  • image page Sample

    Image pages Image pages show your image and info

  • Picblaze portfolio Sample

    Public portfolio Your portfolio groups your photos and albums

  • album page Sample

    Albums Share albums with friends and family

  • easy controls view image

    User-friendly picblaze is user-friendly and we're here if you need help

CDN powered image hosting

We have a content distribution network that we use to cache images in servers closer to your location and closer to the location of your audience. So when you or your audience accesses your images, the loading will be faster. Having a network cache your images also ensures we're fit to handle a high load of traffic.

Picblaze CDN

Free SSL image hosting

Our site and all our images are secured with SSL for secure image hosting. When data is transferred from our master server and/or content distribution network (CDN) that transfer is encrypted. This prevents anyone from listening in and obtaining your data unlawfully. In addition, you can now share photos on secure websites without causing a security alert for unsecure elements.

Picblaze SSL
Is it safe?
  • SSL secured: All communication between your browser and the Picblaze servers are encrypted with the latest SSL standard.
  • Privacy system: We have a unique privacy system which uses private urls and public urls to ensure your privacy. Private photos are truly private.
  • Encrypted passwords: Passwords are encrypted when saved in our database. Hackers will not be able to learn your password even if we should be hacked.
  • 10 years experience: We have been around for more than 10 years. We know what we're doing.